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SAP Leonardo Training in Hyderabad

SAP Leonardo Training

SAP Leonardo Training



Duration : 45 days ((Online & Class room)

VR IT Solutions announces sap leonardo training program, which is booming in today is ecommerce business. VR IT Solutions sap leonardo online training we provide expert training on the concepts like Leonardo workflows, Cockpits, Leonardo Service overview, Leonardo Sales overview, product image handling, Leonardo programming with API, order management, validation in Leonardo, Leonardo workflows and many more.

About SAP Leonardo

SAP Leonardo is the model of SAP to link business processes with IoT devices. IoT enables the data from other devices which are used in the business enterprise for evaluation, vision, or execute some activities like devices like switch off and on of the street lights, check the status of the products , etc.

SAP Leonardo is the SAP’s Machine Learning model which offered Smart portfolio services. The services vary from well-structured product exhibitions like SAP HANA Predictive Analytics Library, SAP Predictive Analytics to all the services provided through SAP Leonardo machine learning base. We can implement services using APIs, quickly functional prepared prototypes that can efficiently be used as web services. There are even functional services like machine learning, Big Data,IoT, blockchain, Data Intelligence and advanced analytics.

Why SAP Leonardo?

SAP Leonardo – The future of modern technology

SAP Leonardo is a revolution that helps customers access SAP’s components and products across evolving technologies, such as Machine Learning, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain. It is often linked with SAP Cloud Platform services but it’s not limited to this, as it covers anything that fits into modern technologies and includes e.g. predictive competencies in S/4HANA.

One of the key benefits of SAP Leonardo is that it allows you to integrate multiple SAP products with emerging technologies. For example in the SAP Cloud Platform you can create Fiori apps that use IoT services. When integrated into your business processes as an end user you won’t necessarily know there is Machine Learning behind the scenes and you won’t see anything different but you will experience automatic decision-making or recommendations.

Products in SAP S/4HANA, such as cash reconciliation and invoicing, already integrate Machine Learning as part of SAP Leonardo and the number of these Machine Learning settings that will become part of S/4HANA.

Target Audience
  • Executive managers
  • IT professionals
  • Solution consultants
  • Application developers
  • Anyone interested in intelligent technologies and innovation
  • Introduction to Predictive Maintenance and Service
  • (PdMS) PdMS Application Overview
  • Architecture
  • Configuration of Equipment
  • Master Data Master Data Integration with EAM System
  • Indicators and Indicator Configuration
  • Analysis Tools and Application Configuration
  • CustomAnalysis Tools
  • Machine Learning Engine Overview and Configuration
  • R for Non Data Scientists
  • Custom Data Science Algorithms
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Training Modes
  • Online Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Job Support
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