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EDI Training in Hyderabad

EDI Training in Hyderabad

EDI Training


Duration : 30 Days (Online & Classroom)

EDI Training & Sterling B2B Integrator Overview

VR IT Solutions announces EDI online training program in hyderabad. EDI stands for Electronic data interchange. Loosely define as transfer for any business documents like Purchase Orders, Invoices and Shipment notifications. EDI is actually standards and Protocols which needs to be utilized to successfully exchange business documents between enterprises.

Without EDI one cannot fully automate and control flow of documents which results in slow processing, data errors which directly impacts any business. Errors like overpayments, late / delayed payments that results in Revenue loss and bad customer service experience. Sterling B2B integrator provides all required components to successfully enable EDI for any organization which saves times, minimize errors and improve efficiency. Huge cost savings on labor, Improves data security & Tracking capability.

VR IT Solutions - IBM sterling integrator we provide expert training on the concepts various enterprises started using EDI to improve their business and reduce cost. We have various EDI Standards like ANSI X12, UNO EDIFACT, ROSETTANET etc. Even today EDI is adopted only by 1/3rd of the businesses alone in US, still 2/3rd organization are yet to adopt EDI which has a huge scope as it can be adopted by any kind of business like retail, manufacturing, Insurance, Banking etc.

We have huge business documents exchanged between different types of enterprises doing varied business still exchanging information; these business documents can be called as Transaction Sets / Messages in EDI term. More than data format EDI is a system or method for exchanging business documents with external entities and integrating data directly to our internal systems. Without EDI an enterprise risk of Revenue Loss; Opportunity Loss; Reputation Loss.

EDI will enable business documents to get auto populated into any enterprise ERP and checking for errors while sending or receiving documents.

Adopting EDI will greatly benefit any organization like Cost Saving; Minimize errors; saving charge back penalties; increasing productivity without labor cost; receipt verification which helps any business to have a significant advantage on those who still lags in implementing EDI.

To successfully implement EDI there are many tools available out there in the market why still Sterling B2B Integrator stands out because it has all the required key components like document translator; data mapping; secure way of sending and receiving business documents.

IBM Sterling B2B integrator training is bundled with Translator or mapping software, it has workflows known as BP's which is enhanced XML and a Server which keeps seamlessly manages enterprises with different network protocol requirement and provides required security as per the standards.

Q) What are the prerequisites for this course?

A) None.
Learn Sterling B2B integrator implementing EDI training online modes by real time experts with practical scenarios and in depth explanation of each and every topic.

Q) How can I practice?

A)In order to work on practical's, you need a Windows PC and SBI Map editor and notepad++ software which can be procured from IT Software vendor install it on your pc.

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