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Hadoop Training

Hadoop Training


Duration : 45 days (Online & Classroom)

Basic Overview

With Hadoop, you can run applications with thousands of commodity hardware nodes and to manage thousands of terabytes of data. It is an open source software framework that is used for distributed storage and processing of datasets of big data. This is done using the MapReduce programming model. It offers a distributed file system that helps in swift data transfer rates among nodes and lets the system to continue operating, even if there is a node failure. This approach minimizes the risk of catastrophic system failure and data loss, though a sizeable number of nodes remain inoperative. It can be firmly stated that Hadoop can be called as the primary foundation for processing big data tasks – sales planning & business, scientific analytics and processing huge volumes of sensor data.

Why Hadoop?
  • Capability to store and process enormous volumes of data, swiftly: With data increasing manifold day in and day out from various sources such as social media, sensors (IoT), it serves the huge purpose
  • The power of computing: As Hadoop uses a distributed computing model,it processes the data quickly,wherein as you increase the computing nodes,the processing power also increases exponentially.
  • Zero disruption of work: Data and application processing is protected against failure of any hardware. This means that if a node fails, jobs are automatically redirected to other nodes to ensure that the distributed computing does not fail. This also ensures storage of multiple copies of data.
  • Flexibility: In traditional databases, you need to preprocess the data before storing it. However, in Hadoop, this functionality is done away, which means there is no limitation to the data storage and helps you decide how to use it later. This even includes unstructured data like text, images and videos.
  • Less cost: The open-source framework is available free of cost and uses commodity software to store huge volumes of data.
  • Highly scalable: You can easily scale your system to manage higher volumes of data by just adding notes, which requires minimal administration.

Why should you join this course?

As there are lot of challenges associated with data administration and management due to rapid data explosion, this course digs into the deeper aspects of the Hadoop and tremendously helps programmers, data analytics and other professionals to seek a rewarding career in this area

This course lets you brush up the basic concepts in data analytics, for example, basic database knowledge and then slowly apply such concepts to the more advanced level of data science, thereby helping you to get the complete grip of concepts and get started with Hadoop.

VR IT is one among the few institutes that offer excellent hadoop online training.

What do you learn in this course?

  • HDFS and MapReduce Framework
  • Architecture of Hadoop 2.x
  • Write Complex MapReduce Programs and Set Up Hadoop Cluster
  • Work on Data Analytics by using Pig, Hive and Yarn
  • Learn Sqoop and Flume for data loading techniques
  • Implement integration by HBase and MapReduce
  • Implement Indexing and Advanced Usage
  • Schedule jobs with the use of Oozie application
  • Implement best practices for Hadoop Development Program
  • Work on real Life Projects, based on Big Data Analytics
Who should do this course?

VR IT solutions is the one hadoop online training that offers good course support for the candidates throughout the course.With the increased demand for big data analytics with the future needs of the information technology, there is scope for every IT enthusiast to look into this newly growing field.More than programming, this field is all filled with the purpose of saving and troubleshooting the data.

VR IT solutions is one such kind of Data Science & hadoop online course Institute in Hyderabad that offers online courses:

A typical Hadoop batch is composed of the following set of professionals:

  • Data analysts
  • Managers
  • Business analysts
  • Project managers of IT firms
  • Software testing professionals
  • System Adminstrators
  • Software developers
  • Fresh graduates
  • Mainframe professionals
What are the pre-requisites for this course?
  • Good analytical thinking
  • Basic knowledge of quantitative techniques (a basic course in statistics would be great)
  • Sound knowledge in core Java concepts, which is a must to understand the foundations of Hadoop. However, essential concepts of Java will also be covered to understand the foundations of Hadoop.
  • Some knowledge of Pig programming to enable you to execute Hadoop programs easier.
  • Knowledge of Hive can be useful in understanding the concepts of Data warehousing.
  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands for day-to-day execution of the software
How do I acquire practical training?

VR IT solutions is one of the best institute in providing adequate practical training to complement your theory knowledge, which is worth your investment and comparatively better than other similar institutes in Hyderabad. We help you in successfully accomplishing practical training using state-of-the-art Hadoop virtual software installed in your system (Desktop or Laptop). A good internet connection is required to get any help from the software support team. You have the option to execute practical sessions and hadoop interview questions either from your system or leveraging our remote training sessions to get an enriched learning experience.

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